About us

Our Story:

NOVOS-SMILE! = New Smiles (Providing Smiles)

The inspiration for NOVOS-SMILE! came from my own preschool experience. I was born in India, and my parents tried to enroll me into a formal preschool. However, on the first day of school, I refused to go inside. After numerous attempts, my parents finally gave up and decided to try again at a later time. One day, my mom and I were at a temple and saw a lady teaching several students outside the temple. To my mom’s surprise, I ran over to the lady and the other children and sat down to play. I seemed happy to be there, so my parents started taking me there every day. The children that came to the school were from low-income families. As a result, resources were scarce. Class was held outside because we didn’t have accesses to a building. Despite the lack of resources, I loved going there, and I fell in love with the other children and the teacher. Because of the amazing experience I had at the school, my parents and I decided to give back to similar underprivileged schools every year near my birthday. We would give school supplies and other needed resources. This is a tradition we continued even when we moved to America when I was six. Over the years, my passion for helping underprivileged children, students, and families grew. I wanted to be able to give back on a bigger scale, and the idea for NOVOS-SMILE! was formed!

Our Mission:

To sell novelty products that can be used to improve the daily life of children, students, and families.

Our Vision:

NOVOS-SMILE! giving back to the community by donating significant percentage of profit to help improve the lives of underprivileged children, students, and families.

Our Strategy:

Selling novelty products that can be used to improve the daily life of children, students, and families